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The Pharma Logistics Club (PLC) aims to bring together the various stakeholders in the transport and logistics of healthcare products, often from different backgrounds. PLC encourages free trade, mutual learning and puts forward innovative projects.

Since June 2015, we welcomed more than 200 managers and business leaders belonging either to the pharmaceutical industry (laboratories, wholesale distributors, custodians, clinical research suppliers, medical devices) or many industrial transportation, logistics, metrology, packaging and training.

All our members agree to respect our ethical charter and meet at regular conferences with expert speakers.

We are doing our “Tour de France” and we have already held events in the regions of Paris, Chartres, Rouen, Lyon, Lille, Nantes, which represent a large part of the French pharmaceutical industry.

Today we have more than 80 qualifying members and several contributing members.

We thank them all for their support.

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