Conference BioFIT LILLE November 30th 2016

The Pharma Logistics Club is happy to participate to the BioFIT 2016 event organized by EURASANTE on the 30/11 and 01/12 with a PLC booth and lunch-debate that will happen on the 30/11 on the topic of clinical trials. We will have the following 4 speakers:

Bruno VERSCHUERE Operations Director of association GIRCOR

As recalled most recently the European Union, animal use remains essential to medical research and human pharmaceutical and veterinary. Highly regulated, this global business has used international air transport to ensure the supply of health status of animals and optimal genetic. The issue of a secure supply and quality is the maintenance of scientific and pharmaceutical activities in France. The difficulties of access to some animal models in France and Europe undertake the process of relocation of human and veterinary health research institutions. The main technical, scientific and regulatory capital in this area will be recalled, and the current issues.

Bruno will explain what are the current challenges in terms of transportation for the members of GIRCOR, french association for biological or medical research institutions, public research institutions, large institutions, pharmaceutical companies, private research centers. GIRCOR is currently chaired by the CNRS National Center for Scientific Research public organization under the responsibility of the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Mathieu CAPERAA International Business Developer ITEC Services

For the past 28 years, ITEC Services has assisted pharma, biotech and device companies in the development of successful clinical trials. In addition, they have worked with the majors and the most innovative biotech or device companies in France, but also in Europe & MENA countries.

Strongly experienced, privately held and totally independent ITEC Services is a medically driven CRO where all projects are supported by Senior Clinical Expert, with continuous review of safety, ethical and clinical aspects. Every player at ITEC brings more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and is led by an experienced management team composed of MDs and PharmDs. ITEC Services has a competitive pricing policy and business model to offset Euro / USA exchange rates, without sacrificing on our highest GCP standards & Quality processing

The presentation of Mathieu will be on presentation of the mission, services and business of CRO (Clinical Research Organization) In continuity, he will explain the role and involvement of the CRO within the Supply Chain as part of a clinical study, collaboration with logistic and transport providers, explanatory flow chart integrating the monitoring tools

Stephane PETIT, Director Sales and Partnerships B&C Group

B&C is a Packaging & Logistics Company solely dedicated to (Pre) Clinical Research. Established besides Brussels, in 1999 as a niche provider of ground transport for batched frozen shipments, B&C was the first company of its kind to offer full specimen tracking and on-site date cleaning.

Today, they offer a unique combination of logistics services through their network. B&C Group adds value to clinical research logistics process by a unique approach on centralisation and integration combined with experience and geographic reach.

Stephane will explain the features of a CTS (Clinical Trial Supply), which handles the packaging, labeling, warehousing and distribution (with a network of 18 depots worldwide) experimental drugs under clinical study. At the transport level, they play a role of a broker, that means they work and select different carriers depending on their specialty and use those that best match the design of the study with the optimization of logistics cost to the sponsor.

David DUMANGE, Projects Distribution Director BAYER HEALTHCARE France

The German BAYER Group is a company whose core activities are in the areas of health and agriculture. For 150 years, and looking towards the future, BAYER shares the conviction that research and support can provide solutions to our problems big and small. All these innovations are intended: science for life, their solutions seek to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

The Pharmaceuticals division, the French headquarters in Loos, near Lille, is dedicated to the treatment of diseases in medical need. Its researchers put all their knowledge at the service of men to offer new therapeutic options. They thus offer drugs on prescriptions and solutions used in the diagnosis and prevention.

The laboratory develops and provides patients and health professionals, cardiology treatments, cancer, hemophilia, ophthalmology, in the field of multiple sclerosis, erectile dysfunction and contraception. The Pharmaceuticals division also helps to establish a better diagnosis with Radiology activity and its contrast and imaging products used during MRI or CT scan.

David will speak on Good Distribution Practices applied in a differentiated product offering in domestic distribution France and overseas territories