Meeting commission road transport June 30th, 2016 – AVRANCHES Normandy

Very beautiful day in the bay of Mont St Michel at the headquarters of the company CHEREAU bodybuilder near Avranches whom we thank for the high quality of its welcome.
The fifteen participants from Brittany and Normandy as well as Paris and Lyon enjoyed visiting the site, according to the production line and assembly of trailers end to end and is enriched with culture refrigeration own world road sector suppliers.
The meeting was prolonged with exchanges on the deployment of GDP in road transport, skills aspects of rolling stock, the relationship with ATP, requests for self-regulated, the idea of launching a reflection on the standardization FDX15-140 for the rolling stock, pharma labeling projects for trailers.
Interventions by other members experts in metrology, traceability and embedded telematics solutions also enriched the debates.
At the end of the meeting the group was given appointment in September to extend these discussions