The objective of the commissions is to share information on the Pharma Supply Chain.

There are more than 10 commissions per strategic business line with a maximum of 5 to 20 members per commission.

The participants meet (face to face or online) several times a year and can present the content of their exchanges at the TIPS trade fair organised each year.


Here are the existing commissions:

  • Contractual Logistics Commission
  • Transport & Air Freight Commission
  • Transport & Sea Freight Commission
  • Road Transport Commission
  • Data Management & IT Innovations Committee
  • Cold Chain Commission
  • Hospital Supply Commission
  • Cosmetics / Health & Beauty Commission
  • Medical Devices (MD) Commission
  • SCM Regulatory Affairs Commission
  • Environment Commission (CSR)
  • Clinical Trials Commission
  • Logistics and Humanitarian Aid Commission
  • Training and Human Resources Commission