Air Commission ORLÉANS

April 18, 2019 – Gidy

Meeting of the Air Commission

Commission report

This meeting took place at SERVIER establishments in Gidy, near Orléans. The bureau of this air commission worked together to lay the groundwork for the future airshow scheduled for the TIPS conference in November 2019.

There is 4 main themes :

  • Air transport chain with a logigram on the roles of the various actors and the description of the equipment (capacity, bunker temperatures, freight incompatibility, loading on the runway)
  • Isothermal system solutions for 15-25 degree control (stress sharing, risk assessment) including stability data, temperature constraints, available capacities and dedicated Pharma services by the airline.
  • Packaging validation process (study, repository)
  • The survey on the attractiveness of national pharmaceutical transport by air.

Other topics such as the operational articulation between airlines in the same business alliance (skyteam, one world) will be discussed at a future meeting.