Conference MARSEILLE March 7th 2017

Our first Conference of 2017 focused on the safety of the transport of health products. Nowadays, the fight against counterfeiting of medicines is a priority, as shippers but also transport partners, metrologists, and packaging specalists must be aware of the risks of this scourge and the stakes for their activity.
We had the pleasure of hosting as speakers:

  • The Pôle d’Action Economique and the coordinator of the SME / OEA plan of the Regional Directorate of Customs in Marseille. This presentation was an opportunity for industrial participants who are already working under strict security conditions in the development of their products to keep themselves better informed. The latest statistical information, the importance of securing international trade flows and the help that this administration can bring into the fight against counterfeiting were mentionned
  • In the same way, there was an intervention on the advantages of having the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). For the healthcare industry by Alexandre Cuvelier CEO of ARCHILOG also adviser of Foreign Trade of France
  • The Commercial Director of the Grand Maritime Port of Marseilles also made an intervention on the possibilities of the port, its extension and growing results with a desire to initiate discussions also with the health industry to help them in their own GDP obligations, risks analyzes and on-time performance checks and shipments tracking on terminals
  • The General Delegate of the EUROBIOMED competitiveness cluster. This is the accelerator of the development of the health sector, from basic research to the market, for the benefit of patients and the economy of southern France.
    Founded in 2009 by all players of the healthcare sector in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon regions, EUROBIOMED is at the top of the European rankings at all stages of the innovation chain: education, basic research, Translational and clinical research centers, technological innovation centers, start-ups and industrial success stories.
    Together, the 253 members of the EUROBIOMED group (including 200 companies) constitute not only a formidable engine of regional development (160 R & D projects representing 585 million euros of investments and 700 direct jobs) but also a source of solutions for millions of patients with severe pathologies
  • The Purchasing and Logistics Director of the LAPHAL Industries laboratory. This company is one of the flagship among Health establishments in the PACA region. Creator, manufacturer and distributor with the status of custodian for medicines and food supplements since the early 1970s, it has encouraged innovation and dialogue between the stakeholders of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Today its human potential and its Latest high-tech investments on several sites in the Marseilles region give it a high degree of technicality and responsiveness. Their presentation focused on active substances, ingredients and all GDP or import regulations associated