Integration seminar CHARTRES January 20-21st 2016

The Pharma Logistics Club integration seminar was held on 20 and 21 January 2016 in the beautiful city of Chartres. We thank Polepharma, the pharmaceutical cluster of the Centre, Normandy and Ile-de-France regions, for its welcome.
This seminar has marked the official start of the working committees on the following topics:

  • REGULATIONs (Good Distribution Practices – Legal aspects of Transport – Insurance)
  • AIR TRANSPORT (Airlines – Charters – Handling agents – Freight)
  • CLINICAL TRIALS & R & D (Active ingredients – Excipients – Express operators)
  • EDUCATION (Specialized schools – Universities – Agencies)
  • PACKAGING SOLUTIONS (Isothermal – Refrigerated Containers)
  • LAND TRANSPORT (Refrigerated Road Transport – Rail Transport – Last Kilometer – Equipment suppliers)
  • SEA TRANSPORT (Ports – Maritime Agents – Freight – Combined Transport)
  • TRACEABILITY (metrology – RFID – TMS – WMS)
  • INFRASTRUCTURES (Airports – Safety – Customs – Veterinary Services – Certification)

We also presented the program of our upcoming events in the Paris region, rest of France and major European cities (Brussels, Geneva), logistics site visits, partnerships in Applied Research.
We thank all participants for their active participation in this seminar!